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The tumblr app sure does use a lot of data for something that doesn’t load pictures

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This was a monumental occasion, for the first time in what seemed like and ETERNITY, Reithie had her own bedroom. Not an extra room that the inn could afford to spare, not a cot in a corner with some sheets as partitions; This was her first, very own, very authentically real, bedroom ALL to herself.

And she was so exicted!

It had everything she could had hopped for: A window (lovely), a bed (perfect), a dresser (always wanted one of those), a closet (amazing!)


A roof (nice), four walls (always a plus), a clean floor (great!) … and not much of anything else…

You see, Reithie never had a room to herself before and the fact that this big empty space was all hers, well it was daunting. But, you were suppose to make the room your own right? She new other kids decorated their rooms with like, toys and stuff.

She could use a lamp, maybe a mirror if we’re thinking big.

"Oh moooooommm!" chimed the voice of someone wanting something as try came down the stairs. Reithie’s mother sighed as she put down the sewing she was doing, listening for her child’s hoof steps. Reithie bound into the room, a happy smile on her face, only to be greeted by her own mothers smile that read ‘What do you want now?’.

"Hey mom, can I ask you a favour?" Reithie asked, as sweetly as she could.

"What would you like my dear, sweet, busy bug?" answered her mother, raising a suspicious eyebrow at the all too sweet tone.

"Well, I was wondering how cool it would be if I had a few things to make my room, you know, not just a bed and four walls! Something I can call my own, you know?" she watched her mother, watching for signs that maybe she was stepping over some boundaries. But in all, it looked like her mother was waiting for her to ask this question anyhow.

"You look to decorate it, am I guessing right?" the woman asked, leaning on the table with her head in her hand.

"More or less…"

"Well, it’s a good thing that your father and I talked about this before. Because we were thinking about giving you, about two months worth of allowance, so that you can do what you like." she watched her daughters face lite up in delight, then fall at the though of no allowance for two months, but continue to light up that now she had the power to get what she wanted.

Thanking her mother as she gave her daughter the money, Reithie quickly bounded out the door and to the bazaar, not wanting to waist the day not shopping.

So, she bought her lamp, and a mirror for her dresser and as she sat at the fountain to eat her lunch, it dawned on her that she didn’t actually know what to decorate the room with. I mean, it wasn’t like there were any handbooks or anything, or like, examples that she knew. Tapping her hoof against the ground she thought, what about a rug? Yeah, rugs were neat!

So, Reithie took a look at the rugs, and decided against that since they were too big to tote around. Maybe she’ll have to get mom and dad to come with her one day, maybe rent and elekk. But it was just as she was about to give up for the day, with her lamp and mirror, that she noticed the little stand off in the corner, away from all the other stalls. It was a peculiar little thing, small and had some things on it to sell, but it wad away from the hustle and bustle of the regular Shattrath market.

Of course, she had to check it out.

Carefully, she walked over there, no one looked like they were manning the stall. She wondered where the owner went? Lunch maybe? As she got closer still, she finally recognize what the stall was selling, and it sparked her curiosity further.

Stuffed animals.

They were adorable! Every single one of them! Oh, and they were really well made too, Reithie was impressed! She picked up a fairly sizeable elekk one, pink with black beady eyes, the horns felt like felt, an it was so well done.

She needed it.

But she couldn’t just take it, where was the owner? They were probably the same person that made it too, she wanted to express her gratitude at their skill. She looked around the stall, under it, near it, in the neighbouring allies, but no one. Coming back to the stall, that’s when she noticed the pricing sign, underneath the elekk stuffy of course. Of course, she couldn’t just steal it, it wouldn’t be right. So, digging out her purse, she placed the amount on the counter, and with some hesitation, walked away with the stuffed animal.

A second later she came back, and put a little more on the counter, just in case there was tax.

She came back two more seconds later and placed the money in a swatch of cloth she got from her mother, that she used as a handkerchief, tied it up and placed it under the counter so that no one stole it.

Three more seconds later, she left a note. “Thank you for the stuffed animal, I took the elekk one, and I hope I paid you enough. It’s in the cloth under the counter. I will be coming back next time I have money.”

Two months down the line, after she came home with her lamp, mirror and stuffed animal. After her parents helped her get a few more things for her room, Reithie came back to the stall with the stuffed animals.

Again, no one was there.

So, much like last time, she paid for the toy, plus more, wrapped up the money in a little swatch of cloth and left a note saying which one she took. She did this everytime afterwards, when she had enough money to by herself another stuffed animal.

Her bed was covered with them, and they were the best choice in decoration she had ever made.

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quality storytelling
rip in peaces shattrath

"Rocks fell. Everyone died. THE END."



quality storytelling

rip in peaces shattrath

"Rocks fell. Everyone died. THE END."

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Current Mood: Draenei Underwater Face.


Current Mood: Draenei Underwater Face.

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Livestream stuff



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My character was forcibly exposed to 18+ content by a player named Scrapzi with no ooc consent (wouldn’t have given them consent anyways I’m 15 irl)

When I called her out on this oocly, I received some of the worst backlash I have gotten on WrA, to the point where I broke down. I was told by another player to stay silent on the matter.

No minor should ever have to gone through what I have. This is beyond outrageous. WrA is very much toxic and it’s showing through it’s players.

(To save those who are lazy the TL;DR of this is. “Just be cool.”))

Hi there,

I’m Figzit but to make this more real I am Parker. Because I am a person and you are a person. For the next bit of time I will talk and give my position on this and WRA as a whole.

I adore this server. From the rp trolls to the people I have known since I crawled my way here from a dead server. I started my rping in WoW at 13 a minor the minorest of minors. Did I lie about my age yes. Did I have sex shoved in my face god yes. But there is something we must all remember.


It is the wild west. The game can be anything. Now I understand being with uncomfortable things. But IC is IC and OOC is OOC you control what you see. Prefer not dealing with tits and crazies. Avoid the drunks at the tail at 2 AM. The friends I have made in this game on this silly server. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now don’t think of this post as one sided at all. I would love to chat to you, I’d love to chat with anyone about roleplay and how people think. We are all equals and differing opinions make the world amazing.

One of my best friends is a 15 year old guy who has so much tenacity he skype calls with us constantly. I see alot of myself in him but he far surpasses what I could do at that age.So please contact me it hurts to see people on this server slammed over hurt feelings. Remember you control who you rp with and all of these people are great people OOCly

If you are still reading thank you, I mean that. Let’s talk soon.


I’m sorry, but while I have to support the ‘you never know what you’re going to get on WoW’ thing (because let’s be real, you don’t, and it is most times up to the player - minor or not - to decide what they are going to subject themselves to or immerse themselves in), Jeki was being fucking rude.

Mordravia’s MRP does, in fact, explicitly ask approaching roleplayers to not approach them with ERP.

And what does ‘Scrapzi’ do? Exactly the opposite.

No one cares that it’s two AM in ‘The Tail’. It can be three AM, five PM, or friggin’ mitternacht, being disrespectful is being disrespectful. This case would be entirely different if Scrapzi had posted that at someone else, and Mordravia whined. Then? They have no right to whine, it was not posted at them and if they don’t like it, they can ignore, report, etc., whatever their itty bitty human heart desires.

This is not even a case of a minor being exposed to erotic stuff. There’s lots of features on this game that aid a person in tailoring what they do and do not want to see (up to and including walking away). Kids know more than you think and are tougher than you think. No one was having sex with a minor or ERPing with a minor or any other number of weird things.

The fact that Scrapzi felt the need to explicitly post something rude/erotic AT THAT PERSON REGARDLESS OF THEIR WISHES is what is the issue, here.

That’s rude, and just because you are surrounded by people who are also being rude does not make it anything less than a mob-mentality case of rudeness. Knock that shit off.

I completely stand by Arby. And will add my two cents—believe it or not, everyone who’s reblogged this stating that this player ‘should know better’ or ‘should get over how terrible things are because they won’t change’, you are not, in fact, helping. You are stating, to a victim who was made uncomfortable, that their feelings are not valid. That their circumstances, from your point of view, are the only view possible—they’re blowing things out of proportions, in your mind’s eye, so you discredit them.

You are being a manipulative, gaslighting bully.

And you are part of the problem, not the solution.

I’d ask everyone to step back and look at what you are doing. She STATED she’s a minor and she’s keeping YOU out of trouble, by doing so. There’s a rule in RP that people tend to forget—you OOCly ask people permission when you do IC things they might disagree with, or you make ‘attempts’. There was neither in this situation, and the player voiced her displeasure. She was told ‘that’s just how things are’ and had her feelings and experience belittled, and is still having it belittled.

Would you like your feelings belittled? Would you like having your experiences talked down about? What gives you the right to judge how she should be reacting?

These are her valid feelings, and she has a right to voice them.

The world is a horrible fucking place—but do you think anything in life gets better from sheeple stating ‘well that’s how life is and you should live with it’? No. People should have standards and it’s their own prerogative to stick with them. And not be sorry if those standards make others uncomfortable. This is a hobby, not so damn metaphor for real life—you should be making a safe place for yourself, escaping into what you love doing.

Point is, this player didn’t ask to be ridiculed, and shouldn’t burn to keep you warm. And not asking permission or stating an attempt before doing something that someone could possibly not agree with is a roleplaying faux pas that everyone should know. It’s rude.

Haha holy shit hey Parker bro let’s make this more ~real~ yeah? I don’t think you realize how much of a gross dbag you’re being yeah bro?

The situation is super simple, let me break it down for you bro:

  1. Player explicitly states in MRP to NOT approach them with ERP  
  2. Asshole approaches with ERP anyway
  3. Player expresses discomfort
  4. Asshole tells the player they’re not allowed to feel uncomfortable from unwanted advances because online gaming is unpredictable so they should just shut up or stop playing
  5. Also wow let’s look at the guy saying he’d bang a minor right in front of an actual minor ? ?? misreading?? 

Scrapzi went out of his way to approach an non-consenting player, A MINOR EVEN, with ERP content.  Player was NOT deceptive about their wishes at any point, their request was posted CLEARLY.

Scrapzi still ignored it.  He then blamed all resulting discomfort on the player, even (especially?) after learning they’re a minor.

Scrapzi’s behavior is 100% unacceptableOOC or IC does not matter, there is NO EXCUSE for non-consensual sexual behavior!  

Also contrary to your troubling interpretation of this behavior as a mere “difference of opinion” purposely making players uncomfortable DOES NOT make the world ~amazing~ and literally no one gives a shit that you made friends on the server by apparently ignoring such behavior.

NOW LET’S GET REALLY REAL HERE PARKER BRO: you’re currently being a gross apologist to a predatory fuckboy who thinks forcing sexual situations on non-consenting players is totally OK.  Your creepy ~nice guy~ post just makes it sound like you agree with these kind of events and that you think the OP is being unreasonable.  Oh if only they’d talk to you!  I’m sure you’d ~enlighten~ them on how wonderful WrA is!  

jfc I’m so sorry you have to deal with these people OP holy shit.  There’s so much trash on RP servers.  

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1hr story Compilation

shameless self promotion Just in case you all want to read what I have now, probably will add to it when new ones comes out, just in case people were interested.


Father and Son



Reflection in Raindrops

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Alright, so I’ve already have an idea of a 1hr story I shall be doing today. It will be in reference to something myself and mewkeere talked about a while ago, about stuffed animals.

Kind of a more lighter story than the last one; Nightmares 

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Dhe heavens have touched Kiri’s skin and dhe Light has touched Kiri’s soul." ~Kiriyame

Kiriyame — By: Yourou

Kiri was the first character I rolled in World of Warcraft back in January 2007. She started out a shaman, and I’ve rerolled her a few times after that; she’s been a mage and a priest as well. Currently she’s a paladin and I look forward to playing her more in WoD.